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On the eve of its season finale, the Tour will unveil the logo of the AFRICAN Tour and its full schedule for the 2019 season on Tuesday 18th December at IBB International Golf and Country Club in Abuja, Nigeria.

After three years of existence, the West Africa Golf Tour will usher in the AFRICAN Tour in 2019 so all players from the continent will identify with the Tour irrespective of the country they come from. At the same time, it will continue to strive for attracting players from all over the world. 

The AFRICAN Tour will also give women the opportunity to play all tournaments alongside with men and compete for the same trophy after successfully passing the Qualifying School.

This shall not be the only innovation introduced by the AFRICAN Tour, new formats are incorporated to the 2019 schedule such as the Shoot out golf tournament as well as new major events such as the African Golf Championship and new host venues in addition to the existing ones, namely Shagamu and Abeokuta Golf Clubs in Nigeria. Meanwhile, the Tour will pursue its aspiration to stage tournaments in other African countries and eventually co-sanction events with other professional golf tours around the world.

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