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        At the African tour Academy, we understand that Golf is a great sport for young kids to get involved with. it is an amazing tool to educate our Student-Athletes not only in Athletic Development, but also mentally and physically by keeping them healthy and teaching them life skills, while learning the value of patience and self-improvement.

We believe the most important aspect of golf is that it’s enjoyable and childhood is all about learning and having fun and that is why the academy trains kids from within the age 7-25.  Every student athletes is an individual and need programme based on their personal needs. There’s no “one size fits all” in golf, we are all different shapes and sizes and have different capabilities, which all need to be catered for.

Our Passion, is in the success of our Student-Athletes both on and off the golf Course.

                                                THE PROCESS

Using our experience of working with numerous touring professionals, we have designed and developed a highly exclusive approach to our principle at the African tour, allowing us to ensure our Student-Athletes receive personalized programmes in the Technical, Physical and Mental aspects specific to their individual game.

We have provided innovative opportunities for young people at little or no cost through our tournaments and created a structured platform for our Students-Athletes to learn to work independently and as part of a team, under the watchful eye of a team of experts in their specific fields of Technical, Physical and Mental Performance.

We believe constant communication between the coaches in each department is a vital element to our Students-Athletes success.

The programmes, the team and the technologies we utilize have all been combined to deliver a purpose built programme focusing on the development of Junior Golf Performance to the highest of worldwide standards, providing the perfect platform for success and sponsorship.


                                 OUR PROGRAMMES

Have you ever wanted to introduce your kids to the game of golf, but do not know where to begin? Perhaps you play the game yourself and want to get your kids involved to create a family experience. Or, maybe you are a grandparent who wants to pass the knowledge of the game down to your grandchildren? If you have contemplated these questions, breathe a sigh of relief because we have too! And we are here to help. Focused on its health and wellness benefits for your kids – we’re here for you too! No matter where your family’s golf journey is taking you we’re so excited to welcome you all to our sport!  The following list of programs was compiled by the leaders in the golf industry with you, to help you know which program is best for you.  


                             DRIVE CHIP AND PUTT

People have different opinions on what’s significant in the game of golf, but what Drive, Chip & Putt is doing to encourage youngsters to enter the game, might be more important than any tournament or any program anyplace in the world. Chip & Putt outshines everything for two big reasons:

1. It shows kids across the country that, boy or girl, no matter what flavor or lineage they are, they can have a chance to win in golf.

2. It showcases the diversity in our country and makes it plain that diverse people play and enjoy golf.

The goal for participants in Drive, Chip & Putt is a big prize, the African tour academy organizes competition among the schools in each state at the end of every six (6) months. This is to evaluate the progress of the program. It will be in 3 Age Categorizes; a) 7-9yrs b) 10-15yrs c) 16-25yrs. One player from each age category will represent the school in the competition.

The competition will consist of different stages, the highest score in each age category will win a trophy. The price money will be given to the best 3 schools for development of golf programs within the school. The winning is determined by cumulative result.

  • 1st position wins 50% of the price money

  • 2nd position wins 30% of the price money

  • 3rd position wins 20% of the price money

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