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Membership applications will only be accepted through email. The forms are available on


All payments will be processed online, through a secure payment gateway. On receipt, applications will be forwarded for approval.

The African Tour members understand that their names and image(s) (photo and/or video) may be published by The  African Tour for the purposes of promotion or reporting of the African Tour. Members should understand that The African Tour might use their name and or image in electronic or print form such as on the internet and film footage, or in printed materials such as reports, posters and newspapers. These materials may be seen or read by people anywhere in the world. African Tour will own the image but will NOT benefit financially from it. Members also understand that The African Tour will not pay them for use of their image

The conditions listed in Sections 2, 3, 4 and 5 are applicable to regular African Tour tournaments. The African Tour CHAMPIONSHIP is subject to separate conditions as outlined in Section 6.


Entries will only be accepted from fully paid up The African Tour members with the exception of players in Category 5 (Tournament Invitations). Entries will only be accepted through email. Entries for all tournaments in 2020 will be announced on website. 


Official Tournament Entry Closing Date will be 14 days prior to the first round of the tournament in question. Priority in the field for non-exempt players will be determined by entry date i.e. earlier entries will have priority over later entries. 


If a player fails to pay his entry fee by the Official Tournament Entry Closing Date, his entry will remain valid but his position of priority will be amended to the bottom of the entry list. This applies to exempt players as well. In the event of withdrawal from a tournament after the Official Tournament Entry Closing Date and payment has been made, entry fees may only be refunded at the discretion of the Tour




The Field for each tournament shall not exceed 84. In the event that the tournament in question is oversubscribed, the field will be decided based on the African Tour ranking. The field will be decided based on time / date that each entry was received (i.e. earlier entrants will receive priority), subject to payment being received on time (2.f).


Points will be awarded according to the prize money value of each player. The African Tour ranking positions will be determined by the number of points accrued throughout the Tour season.


Prize money will be distributed in accordance with the official PGA breakdown of the purse at each event. The breakdown thereof is available through In the event that a player is disqualified, he shall not be entitled to claim prize money for that tournament.


Each tournament will be a stroke play event held over 54/72 holes.


The cut will be made after 36 holes. Top-40 players and ties.




In the event of a tie for first place, a play-off will take place to determine the winner. The holes to be used for the playoff will be communicated in advance, at each tournament. If a play-off involves more than two players, those players, other than the winner, will be deemed to have tied for second place regardless of their score in the play-off. If a play-off fails to determine a winner due to weather conditions or for any other reason, all players will be deemed to have won and will share any associated monies or points.






The top-30 eligible professionals on the African Tour ranking points will qualify for the African Tour Championship.


– Only players who have completed a minimum of nine (9) regular African Tour tournaments when 12 or more are scheduled or six (6) if less than 12 regular tournaments on the year schedule will be eligible to play in the African Tour Championship.



In the event that a player who has qualified for the African Tour Championship is unable to play, he will not be replaced in the field.

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