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Final round (leg9) of the Race to Nigeria masters (Pro/Am) tournament

9th leg race to Nigeria masters: G. Inalegwu losses winning tittle.

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The city of Owerri definitely just got hotter as the players in the Masters tournament definitely turned up the heat to prove they are worthy of earning the title and the prize money, but unfortunately not going as they expected.

It's been a tough day for J. Onjefu as he staggers down the leaderboard

Moving up to number one on the leader board with a 1 stroke lead ahead of his closest contender is G. Inalegwu. The hitter played a 2 over par 74 to move up to number 1, he Eyes the prize money and aims to win the tournament but unfortunately for him was unable to make the cut.










“I am happy about my growth in the past three rounds even though the first round was not so good, because of some miscalculations, i love golf and it has always been my passion I will strive till i get it right and be the master of my game”, Inalegwu said in a media chat.

Another magnificent Victory for U. Anoruo as he breaks in top two as he displaced Ali and moses on the leaderboard by playing a 1 over par 73. With one strokes lead ahead of Ali, Anoruo finished with a cumulative +23 after 72 holes (311) .


With 6 bogey, 3 double bogeys, 2 birdie and 7 par to make 10 over par (82); D. Ali becomes the second on the leaderboard finishing with a cumulative +24 after 72 holes (312).

As the game of golf is full of ups and downs, players need to adopt the right mental state during this situation and stay in control of their emotions. As the race to nigeria masters rages on stay tuned as we bring you more interesting tournament.

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