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Third round (leg9) of the Race to Nigeria masters (Pro/Am) tournament

9th leg race to Nigeria masters: L. Onjefu still maintains lead as top of the leaderboard in day 3 of the tournament.


It’s the third round of the Race to the Nigeria Masters Leg 9 and it’s getting interesting as golfers are seriously in the quest for victory. Prior to yesterday’s round having G. Inalegwu rising from the fifth place to the third place, the resilient golfer isn’t playing at all as he rose to 2nd place on the board in today’s round.   

Still topping the board is the zealous L. Onjefu who have been doing wonderfully to ensure that his place on the leaderboard is not snatched away from him. With 2 shots ahead of his closest and dangerously moving contender. His game play today was a combination of 1 birdie, 5 bogey and 12 par which saw him finishing with 4 over par (76).

The golfer said in a media chat with the africantour correspondent, “it is not over until it is over, I have a reason to be tactical and very focused in the final round considering the movement of my closest contender but I believe I got this”.


With 5 bogey, 3 birdie and 10 par to make 2 over par (74); G. Inalegwu becomes the second on the leaderboard.

“I am happy about my growth in the past two rounds and I will be replicating same energy in tomorrow’s final because the goal is to top the board and most importantly make the cut”, Inalegwu said in a media chat.

Considering the drastic movement of G. Inalegwu in yesterday and today’s game, could he possibly take over the leadership of the board from L. Onjefu in the final! You can only find out by staying connected as we bring to you the final round of the 9th Leg of the Race to the Nigeria Masters.

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