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9th leg race to Nigeria masters: L. Onjefu maintains lead as top of the leaderboard in day 2 of the tournament.

Second round (leg9) of the Race to Nigeria masters (Pro/Am) tournament

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its the second round of the race to the Nigeria masters leg 9 and players are still at it again trying to get a clinch to victory, they can hear the birds singing in the trees cheering them as the compete in what seems to be a challenging tournament.

After three players tied n first place on the board, the resilient player G. inalegwu went up fast from 5th place to 3rd place to break the tie which landed J. Alex and J. Moses in a tie at 4th place on the leaderboard.                                                                   

coming top on the board is L. Onjefu who was still able to maintain his lead with 2 shots ahead of his closest contenders, he had 10 pars 6 bogeys and 2 birdies which saw him coming in with 4 over par (76)


In a media chat with Onjefu, ‘’ he said he didn’t envision that today will go this way, but the game of golf isn’t always easy to predict. He however consoled himself and said tomorrow will be better’’

Coming in second place is D. Ali who has refused to settle for less , his second round was a combination of 3 birdies 9 bogeys and 6 pars which fetched him a cumulative of +9 after 36 holes (153). 

“The tournament is a very challenging one, expectations are high and the weather seems a bit unfriendly, I struggled to get my footing. But I’m very hopeful I will make it to top on the leaderboard “ D. Ali told African tour correspondent .

Some Players are skeptical of victory, others are optimistic but we all know that the game of Golf is unpredictable, well find out as the players continue to battle. The tales of their victory lies on the glorious field of Arsenal golf course. Stay tuned

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