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Third round (leg8) of the Race to Nigeria masters (Pro/Am) tournament

8th leg race to Nigeria masters: L. Onjefu maintains lead in day 3 of the tournament.

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It’s the third day of the 8th leg of the Race to Nigeria Masters and L. Onjefu is still standing out distinctively amongst his co-contenders.

The fast rising and ever zealous golfer is doing a good job to avoid having anyone knock him off his position as the first on the board. His game play today wasn’t really good as he had double bogey in hole 6th and 15th respectively, birdied hole 4th, 8th, 10th and 17th and maintained a par in the remaining holes which saw him coming in with a course par (72).

Talking to the africantour correspondent, the golfer expressed great excitement and said that he will be coming down to the course tomorrow with triple of the positivity and energy he came with today to the ensure victory in tomorrow’s final.

 Tying in second place with a cumulative score of 231 after 54 holes are; G. Inalegwu, J. Moses and U. Anoruo. Their today’s game play was good enough to take the place of D. Ali making him the second to the last person on the Leaderboard. 

Today’s game left the audience with questions like; could Onjefu really maintain his stands in the final, who would break out of the tie between Inalegwu, Moses and Anoruo, can Ali still work things out for himself to make a cut in the finals!

Well, you can only do justice to your curiosity by staying connected as we bring to you the final round of the Race to Nigeria Masters Leg 8 live from the Arsenal Golf Course; Owerri.

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