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First round (leg12) of the Race to Nigeria masters (Pro/Am) tournament

12th leg race to Nigeria masters: U. Anoruo takes lead on first day of  the tournament.

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We bring to you another exciting tournament live from the almighty Arsenal Golf Course in the lovely city of Owerri. It’s the 12th Leg to the Race to Nigeria Masters and 5 players are presently in struggle to subdue the course and go home with the prize money.

Topping the leaderboard with a course par (72) is the ever relentless golfer; U. Anoruo. He started the round beautifully with a birdie, played a par in 2nd hole, birdie in 3rd, par in 4th, birdie in 5th, bogey in 6th, par in 7th, bogey in 8th and eventually finishes the front 9 with a par to make 34. With a par in hole 10th,bogey in 11th, birdie in 12th and 13th hole, bogey in 14th & 15th, birdie in 16th and a par in hole 17th & 18th in the back 9, saw him coming in with 38, finishing the round with a course par (72).




“I am happy am getting my footing back, though the game of golf can’t be predictable but am optimistic about coming victorious and getting the prize money at the end of the tournament “, Anoruo said in a media chat with the africantour correspondent.

Coming close in second place with four scores difference is D. Ali. His game was a combination of 8 par, 6 bogey and 4 birdie to make 4 over par (76).

“I am not really happy with my game today not because it was really that bad but because I wasn’t  in my best mood which had effect on my output but nonetheless, tomorrow is another day to go hard and achieve desired result”, Ali said in a media chat.


The rest of the players are battling to make it to the top of the leaderboard, all players have done their best, we hope that they can make it to the top. It’s the Race to the Nigeria Masters, anything is possible! Stay tuned to find out if day 2 turns around in favor of the golfers.

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