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Third round (leg10) of the Race to Nigeria masters (Pro/Am) tournament

9th leg race to Nigeria masters: B. Gbadagesi takes lead in day 3 of the tournament

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Gbadagesi’s words to the media on the first day of the tournament wasn’t a charade afterwards as the golfer takes over the Leadership of the board.

Topping the leaderboard with a course par (72) is B. Gbadagesi. He started the round with a par in 1st, 2nd hole, birdie in 3rd, bogey in 4th, par in 5th, 6th, bogey in 7th hole, birdie in hole 8th and eventually finishing the front nine with a par to make 35. With a birdie in hole 10th, 12th & 16th, bogey in 11th, 15th, 17th and a par in hole 13th, 14th & 18th hole saw him coming in with 37, finishing the round with a course par (72).








In a media chat with the africantour correspondent, the golfer expressed great excitement about his performance and optimistic about making a cut.









Coming in second place is G. Inalegwu who have been leading the board from the beginning of the tournament but gave us the ghost in today’s round. His game was a combination of 12 par and 6 bogey which saw him coming in with 7 over par (72).

Considering the very slim difference between B. Gbadagesi and G. Inalegwu, there is a huge expectation on who finally gets the trophy in the finals. Stay tuned as we bring to you the final round live from the luscious Arsenal Golf Course.

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