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George Inalegwu wins Leg 13 Amateur Race to Nigerian Masters for the first time.

George Inalegwu closed with 2 over 74 and won the Race to Nigerian Masters Leg 13, making it his first time of taking lead in the tour 

George shot Par 72 on his first round, went behind on his second round with 3 over par, coming back up on his third round with 1 under to win the tournament with 4 shots ahead of the others.


In his Interview George explained how he is  excited to be the winner of the African golf tour amateur category, he said ''last week I missed the cut by two but I decided to practice more so I could step up my game. The tour really helped to motivate us through the birdie meter count, this also had effect in helping me boost my confidence at the game so I can make some winnings. I intend to play well in the next tournament so I can maintain being a winner always''.

U. Anoruo and D. Ali tie in second place with 8 over par. Ali made a remarkable game this week. The first round for him was badly played. he started coming up from the second round with 2 over, while his third and final round he finished with 2 under. He played 1 eagle, 3 birdies and 3 bogey in his final round. In his interview he said ''I'm so happy to be among the few player who went under par today!! because the course is tough. Golf is usually not about the physical strength,  but ones ability to compose and manage your mental strength in the course of play, which is all about been positive. I was actually able to do a bit of that today that is why I was able to shoot 70 today''

What a wonderful game this round as been. This is the first time three players are making cut in 2021 Race to Nigerian Masters.

We hope to see better scores in the next round coming soon. Stay Tuned!!

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