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First round (leg6) of the Race to Nigeria masters (Pro/Am) tournament

6th leg race to Nigeria masters: J. Onjefu eyes title of winner as he extends lead in day 2

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The Second day of the Race to Nigerian Masters in the beautiful Arsenal golf course Obinze Owerri had been a very challenging day for the Eight players, as they continue to battle it out to make the cut. With J. Onjefu still leading with 5 shots, his score of 76 in the second day was not encouraging. If he doesn’t sit up, he might lose to other contenders catching up with him.     

''Speaking after his round in a chat, L. Onjefu expressed great excitement with his performance, even though he didn't do so well but he's happy to still be top on the board and hopes to replicate the same in the 3rd and final rounds”.



Tied in second place of the second round is U. Anoruo and J. Alex, these two successfully maintained second place on the leaderboard with a play similar to day 1, they finished with a cumulative of 152 after 36 holes, still good enough to ascend to the top of leaderboard if they give it their best shot in subsequent rounds. 


"It's not over until it's over" Anoruo said smiling after the game, glad to have maintained second place”.

The luscious green field of the arsenal golf course must be soaked with the sweat of these players unwilling to back down. Enthusiastic to see what the final day holds? Stay tuned for the final round of the race.

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